Artwork by Jakob Grim
This story is part of the NFT Collection Death To Humans.

Clitorissa + the Incredible Edible Leg

She was the most fucked up woman I had ever seen before — an entire freak show within one person — all sprawled out across a bed of nails with an albino snake working its way out of her vagina. Her bearded face straining like an old maid who had been constipated for weeks. Her tongue, which had been cut down the middle into two congruent fleshy strips, flickered wildly as she thrust her pelvic region to help detach the serpent. Then, suddenly, the serpent was sucked back up, its diamond-shaped head disappearing into the dark void between her legs.


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This story is included in the NFT Collection Death To Humans

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Patrick Kill
Patrick Kill
Patrick Kill specializes in writing the most absurd, iconoclastic humorous dark fiction around. At 6’1’’, he is the tallest midget on earth. He is a competitive eater…of children. He prefers footie pajamas with someone else’s feet in them. He fishes for dead bodies in drainage ditches during the day and traps for yeti at night. He is the most ridiculous man in the world. His favorite saying is: “I don’t always eat humans, but when I do, it’s dos Mexicanos. Stay evil, my friends.”
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