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Production has been temporarily delayed as we work to ensure all NFT marketplaces will honor our authors’ stated royalties. New editions and subsequent copies of existing editions will continue to be produced once royalties are secured from third-party sellers.

NFT Minting (eBook + audiobook)

Release DateBookAuthor
TBAThe Messenger (Grim Classics)Robert W. Chambers
TBANicky RyanSandy DeLuca
TBAThe Yellow Wallpaper (Grim Classics)Charlotte Perkins Gilman
TBAUshers of DarknessGreg F. Gifune
TBAThe Cobweb (Grim Classics)Saki
TBAChasing MoonlightGreg F. Gifune
TBAThe Horla (Grim Classics)Guy de Maupassant
TBAPlant LifeGreg F. Gifune
TBAThe Abyss (Grim Classics)Leonid Andreyev
TBAThe Body-Snatcher (Grim Classics)Robert Louis Stevenson
TBAA World Full of StrangersShane Ryan Staley

Web Stories

Release DateStoryAuthor
TBA“DayLight Fading”Shane Ryan Staley
TBA“The Duty”Shane Ryan Staley
TBA“The Diseased”Shane Ryan Staley
TBA“The Spider”Shane Ryan Staley
TBA“River’s End”Shane Ryan Staley
TBA“Dead Voices On Air”Shane Ryan Staley
TBA“God Lives Underwater”Shane Ryan Staley
TBA“The Hearing”Shane Ryan Staley
TBA“The Wound”Shane Ryan Staley
TBA“This Is the End”Shane Ryan Staley