GrimTales is a decentralized web and NFT book publishing company focused on utilizing the innovations of Web3 technology to bring dark literature to the blockchain. Its founding support staff has more than 50 years of publishing experience, including 2 Bram Stoker award winning publishers, a veteran graphic designer and more than a dozen established authors in the genre.

GrimTales mission is to create an alternative marketplace for authors to publish their works with greater control of royalty shares as well as allow for readers and collectors to acquire true ownership of a digital library as validated by blockchain technology. The company plans to spotlight both modern and classic works of horror, gothic and weird fiction in its public offerings.

GrimTales is operated by a membership board that will decide on future direction of the company. A core NFT will be offered in Q2 of 2023 which will allow the public to join in having voting rights as well as special online access to discussion and voting areas of the site.

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January 7, 2023

Company Goes Live

Website begins development and first NFT book publishing contracts are launched.

February 7-11, 2023

Minting Begins

Our first productions have been minted. Copies 1-13 of both The Monkey’s Paw and The Tell-Tale Heart are available. Also, first full book production, Death To Humans: a collection by Patrick Kill, copies 1-13 have been minted. GrimTales will be printing 1/4 of production runs with the remainder to be minted or burned at a later date.

February 13, 2023

We’re Now On Twitter

GrimTales is now on Twitter. No plans to do any real immediate social media marketing as our company’s focus is to create many great productions before getting the word out. But become an early bird and we’ll throw some worms out.