Artwork by Jakob Grim
This story is part of the NFT Collection Death To Humans.

The Day Mr. Langford Cracked

Through days of destruction and violence, it is common to only see demons and death and every other societal horror which cuts into our sanity as well as the soul, but Mr. Langford dreamed away from the mess of life, always remembering God’s love and His eternity which awaited him. He looked to see pieces of heaven around him, vague little reminders of what was to come. But, even on the most blessed of all days, the symbols seemed to be fading. Mr. Langford rose from bed and yawned. Then he shuffled to the window and glanced at the row of white, two-story houses which lined the roadway as far as he could see. Such a beautiful world, he thought, such a lovely time to be alive! He descended the stairs and whispered “Good morning” to his wife nestled on the couch. His brother rustled, drunk and naked beside her. He shook his head. It’s not love, so it doesn’t matter.


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This story is included in the NFT Collection Death To Humans

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Patrick Kill
Patrick Kill
Patrick Kill specializes in writing the most absurd, iconoclastic humorous dark fiction around. At 6’1’’, he is the tallest midget on earth. He is a competitive eater…of children. He prefers footie pajamas with someone else’s feet in them. He fishes for dead bodies in drainage ditches during the day and traps for yeti at night. He is the most ridiculous man in the world. His favorite saying is: “I don’t always eat humans, but when I do, it’s dos Mexicanos. Stay evil, my friends.”
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