Artwork by Jakob Grim
This story is part of the NFT Collection Death To Humans.

Mind’s Filthy Lesson

At twelve years of age, James raped and killed his imaginary friend. Before that time, James had named her Laura and they played and grew up together. James couldn’t remember a time in his life that he didn’t see the blonde-haired girl at his side, though nobody else could. His parents thought it was a stage until they found him playing and talking to her during his first day of school. During this first year, James ignored the other kids at his nursery school. Instead, he insisted on playing with Laura. Later in life, it was a mix of hormones and counseling that finally pushed James to the edge. His parents and seventh grade counselor insisted that there was no such thing as Laura and that he was just imagining her. Laura just smirked through every session. But the pressure mounted on James. Kids taunted him in the halls. His parents continued to harass him on the subject. His frustrations grew until one day, it all burst.


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This story is included in the NFT Collection Death To Humans

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Patrick Kill
Patrick Kill
Patrick Kill specializes in writing the most absurd, iconoclastic humorous dark fiction around. At 6’1’’, he is the tallest midget on earth. He is a competitive eater…of children. He prefers footie pajamas with someone else’s feet in them. He fishes for dead bodies in drainage ditches during the day and traps for yeti at night. He is the most ridiculous man in the world. His favorite saying is: “I don’t always eat humans, but when I do, it’s dos Mexicanos. Stay evil, my friends.”
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