This story is part of the forthcoming collection A World Full of Strangers available May 2, 2023.

A World Full of Strangers

Every fifteen minutes another bus departed, hauling away the endless crowd surrounding Jake. Men, sporting red and green sweaters, carried artificial Christmas trees. Women, toting young children, hauled bags of food and toys. They scurried around the terminal on their way to a warm fire, cups of eggnog, family gatherings—strange places called home.


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Shane Ryan Staley
Shane Ryan Staley
Shane Ryan Staley is an American publisher, editor, and author. He is best known as the founder and owner of Delirium Books, a publisher of horror and dark fantasy fiction. Staley is also a writer and editor, and has published several books and anthologies under his own name and as a co-editor. He has a reputation for his love of horror and his dedication to the genre, and is well-respected within the horror community. Staley is passionate about promoting and preserving the works of classic and contemporary horror writers, and his work as a publisher and editor has helped to bring many new readers to the genre. Staley has authored eight short story collections and two short novels, The Cleansing (Bloodletting Press) and Redemption (Darkside Digital). To date, he has published more than 250 short stories in independent publications and ‘zines throughout the world.