First published in the Russian literary magazine Vesy (The Balance) in 1901. This publication features original artwork by Jakob Grim.

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The Abyss

The day was already drawing towards evening when a young man and a young woman still continued their walk, conversing without pause and without paying any attention either to time or road. In front of them, on a sloping hill, rose a small forest, and through the branches of its trees one discerned a light sun-bright circle, inflamed like red coals burning, heating a trembling air and making it resemble fine gold, fiery dust.


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NFT with EPUB eBook (for Kindle or Apple books) available at

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Leonid Andreyev
Leonid Andreyev
Leonid Andreyev was a Russian playwright, short story writer and novelist born in Oryol, Russia in 1871. He was a prominent figure in the Russian Symbolist movement and his works often explored existentialist themes, focusing on the human condition and the struggle for meaning in a nihilistic world. His most famous works include the plays "The Red Laugh" and "He Who Gets Slapped," as well as the short story "Seven Who Were Hanged." Andreyev's writing was widely acclaimed and influenced a generation of Russian writers, cementing his place as one of the most important writers of the early 20th century.