Artwork by Jakob Grim.

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Chasing Moonlight

He swept into the room like a tornado touching down in a library, his sudden presence disrupting what had been an otherwise quiet conversation in the burned out shell of an apartment Bonnie called home these days. All black leather and drama, the heels of his dark boots clacking the floor, white teeth flashing in contrast, the biggest goddamn gun I’d ever seen in one hand and a plastic bag filled with yellow capsules in the other. “Tamer of the beast,” he said, waving the gun at me like a bit-player in an old western. “And enough speed to wake the fucking dead.”


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Greg F. Gifune
Greg F. Gifune
Greg F. Gifune is a best-selling, internationally-published author of several acclaimed novels, novellas and two short story collections. Working predominantly in the horror and crime genres, Greg has been called, “The best writer of horror and thrillers at work today” by New York Times best-selling author Christopher Rice, “One of the best writers of his generation” by both The Roswell Literary Review and horror grand master Brian Keene, and “Among the finest dark suspense writers of our time” by legendary best-selling author Ed Gorman.