Grim Classics #4 Artwork by Jakob Grim

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There Is A Reaper…

The amber brown of the liquor disguised the poison it held, and I watched with a smile on my lips as he drank it. There was no pity in my heart for him. He was a jackal in the jungle of life, and I…I was one of the carnivores. It is the lot of the jackals of life to be devoured by the carnivore.

Suddenly the contented look on his face froze into a startled stillness. I knew he was feeling the first savage twinge of the agony that was to come. He turned his head and looked at me, and I saw suddenly that he knew what I had done. 


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Charles V. De Vet
Charles V. De Vet
Charles V. De Vet (1911-1997) was an author born in Michigan, penning mostly short stories, of which he wrote over 50 for SF magazines, beginning in September 1950. After some years of silence, De Vet became active once again in the late 1980s, for a short while.
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