This story was first published in Midnight House and Other Tales (1910). Original art for this publication by Jakob Grim.

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August Heat

I have had what I believe to be the most remarkable day in my life,
and while the events are still fresh in my mind, I wish to put them
down on paper as clearly as possible.

Let me say at the outset that my name is James Clarence Withencroft.

I am forty years old, in perfect health, never having known a day's


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NFT with EPUB eBook (for Kindle or Apple books) available at

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W.F. Harvey
W.F. Harvey
W.F. Harvey was a prominent British author and playwright known for his masterful storytelling and thought-provoking themes. Born in the late 19th century, Harvey rose to fame in the early 20th century with a string of successful short stories, including the acclaimed "August Heat". With a unique style that combined psychological insights with suspenseful plot twists, Harvey's works have had a lasting impact on the literary world and continue to be widely read and celebrated today. His legacy continues to influence modern writers and his works remain an enduring testament to his talent as a storyteller.